'You've worked a miracle. As a result of your creativity and imagination, our Annual Giving Program has a new spirit and life this year. The results are that we have a record level of giving and a significant increase in participation this year over last year. You also helped the Fund Raising committee expand their notion of how to reach out to families and connect with them in a whole new way. By creating the concept of "a visit from Maria" and by designing and producing the enticing collateral materials and messages to bring her to life, you captured the attention of parents, students and visitors. She has evolved just enough to make her seem like a living member of the school. This very afternoon I heard another positive comment from a parent walking through the lobby. To hear such a comment after more than three months of her presence is a tribute to your own humor, artistry and to a notable sense of timing. Best of all Maria gives both adults and children a reason to smile every time they walk past her. What a nice mood to set in the lobby! The Giving Tree in the lobby is another piece of your handiwork and is truly a work of art. It is such a gorgeous way to honor those who participated in the campaign and I hope it will become a permanent part of the school. You've been creating legacies right and left! Though we have always admired your talent we never imagined it could have such an impact on fund raising and on the general mood of the school. ' Mary Schneider- Head of School, Woodinville Montessori       “Lisa is tremendous in her ability to go from concept to exquisite artwork.  She gets what it takes to communicate complex ideas visually – a whole new approach!  Lisa is also terrific to work with as a professional and person.  Highly recommended!” Ian McKelvie Partner at Becauz  LLC         I had the distinct pleasure of commissioning a Lizzie Nelson mural for my toy store. I found her delightful and accommodating to work with. Shortly after engaging her services I was provided with four thumbnail sketches that were all fantastic! Once I selected my favorite sketch she proceeded to refine and customize it into a perfect fit for my store. In short Lizzie was a pleasure to work with and ultimately created a nuanced, thoughtful and wonderfully fanciful addition to my toy store that enriches all who are lucky enough to see it. Scott Loveless -Owner of Toys That Teach, Bothell   Lisa has certainly been one of our best discoveries not only as a painter but also as a wonderful friend. Lizzie, as we all call her has decorated our country home in Umbria as well as our 17th century villa in Palermo, Sicily and we still, after so many years enjoy her amazing "trompe l'oeil" enormously. Brava, bravissima.’ Prince and Princess Francesco Moncada di Paternò